Living Simply by Lisa

Organize and Take control



Assistance in getting your financial records and spaces in order



De-stress, de-clutter and create usable, peaceful spaces in all areas of your home



Gain efficiency and productivity to make your work life easier to manage

What is Living simply?

What Living Simply is About...

Engaging with Living Simply will turn that overwhelming anxiety caused by a disorganized, chaotic environment into feelings of calmness and control.  Let me be a champion through your project bringing structured solutions and a calm, no-judgment approach.  I help tackle the biggest organization challenges, giving you permission to “let go” which allows you to ultimately achieve your goals.  When trying to simplify alone is not working, rely on an expert to be there to listen, understand and define a workable plan for success. 

I focus on space transformation and efficiency enhancements, going far beyond just straightening and rearranging.  Simple solutions, tools and coaching will help make the project approachable and workable.  I will leave you with new-found confidence, skills, tools and processes that can be used in all aspects of your life. Using a simple six-step approach, you will know what you have and can find things when you need them.  This includes:

1)  Meeting at Your Home or Office for Initial Consultation

2)  Setting Goals

3)  Deconstructing the Space or Issue (it gets messier before it gets better!)

4)  Documenting and Training Throughout the Project

5)  Assessing Progress and Revising Scope with Regular Checkpoints

6)  Delivering Results

 Let me help you get organized - and stay organized. 


The following testimonials illustrate what the process and results meant to Living Simply clients:

We had some expectations but didn’t realize how it would feel to get our space organized after 7 years!  It was a huge relief and a weight lifted, and we couldn't have done it without Lisa!

Once our space got out of hand, we felt so overwhelmed; this process gives back control in a profound way.

Lisa was flexible, receptive, ready to listen.  She created a calm environment and we relied on her input, leading to amazing results!

Who is Lisa?

I am a 30-year corporate Finance executive with experience motivating teams and saving millions of dollars in process improvements.  Stepping out of corporate life, I am now using my expertise to help clients organize, transform and take back their lives, one space at a time.  With a lifelong passion for helping and developing others, through Living Simply by Lisa, I can leverage all these skills to help clients Organize and Take Control.

Organization Services


  • Build workable budgets and create budget strategies
  • Track your finances and spending
  • Streamline bill payments
  • Organize records for tax preparation
  • Create simple Excel spreadsheets for almost anything
  • Streamline and organize your paperwork
  • Reconcile bank and other accounts


  • De-clutter any room to maximize space
  • Prepare for an "empty nest" and downsizing your living space
  • Unpack and organize a new home
  • Create efficient kitchens
  • Organize closets
  • Find solutions for memorabilia and photos
  • Organize children's rooms / game rooms
  • Develop mail management systems
  • Conquer paper piles


  • Develop processes that work in your at home or away from home office
  • Build productive and efficient workflows
  • Streamline paper and computer files
  • Develop time management strategies
  • Create efficient agendas and meetings
  • Organize supplies and supply rooms

Hiring Living Simply by Lisa

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